16/9 '09

It's Wednesday morning, and I woke up at 8. That's just lame, it's the holidays!
I guess I really am an earlybird. Do you know how much fun I had yesterday, the day before yesterday, the day before that, and Saturday? A LOOOOOTTT! Many things happened:, I shouted milf's husband when the credits stopped rolling suddenly. That was embarrasing. There was that incident with a CD guy store (I don't wanna talk about that) Then we hanged out at Nadya S's. On Sunday I got a whole load of DVDs, on Monday I went to Gabby's birthday dinner and got to hang out with Bagas (finally, it's been months). Just yesterday, we went to RP and got more DVD's, then ate at Ranch Market and finally hanged out at Nadia R's. I also discovered that noone can fix my poor, purple Instax Mini 10... and that my Hello Kitty films are no use right now.

But still, the pain lasts. I can't forget about him. It sucks, I feel like a loser 'cause he can make me weak when he doesn't try. But besides that, this week was fun! It helped me a lot-- AND it's just starting. SO NEVERMIND THE PAIN!!! I'm excited cos: Ican's coming home this Friday (YIPPEEE), then I'm going to (probably) Solo and Bandung, there's a sleepover comin', and god knows what else we're gonna do. I have things I wanna buy, places to go, and people to meet. Although, I feel guilty- it's Ramadhan, and I wanna spend time with my family. And oh, my cat is very fat now. I'm never going to put it on a diet unless the doctor says so.

PS: I kinda miss you.
I HAVE to forget about youuuuuuuu DAMNIT.
And I want a blackberry javelin. I dont care about onyx or storm. And a new instax.

22/7 '09

This one's a late entry.
Here you go, fisheye pics!

Yesterday was psychedelic. I behaved like a kid who's never gonna die. I had vertigo yesterday, because of that PE teacher who doesn't know when to stop. Everything looked scary, the grass was red and you can't tell where the sky meets the horizon. I don't really know how I got it, maybe it's because I'm very tired. It's been a very hard time for me these days, but I guess I'm doing way better. I don't have those break-downs I had during the holidays.

Bytheway, I stopped following a few blogs because of the notifications. It filled up the page quite nicely though, but it gets too much.
Therefore I hope the people that read my blog most would be ones I follow/know tceheheeh.

15/7 '09

i haven't updated this thing for a while.
i'm too lazy to do so :)

as you can see, i've been bussssssyyyy during the holidays.
next time i feel like posting i'll put pictures.
plus, i don't see a reason why i should though.

love, chloe